Roger Hardy - Suffolk artist
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I work on figurative constructions and sculpture using found elements from my local boat yards and estuary worn wood from the river Alde.

The estuary has been a productive hunting ground. Mud larking at low tide for wood, worn by time and tide. The found elements are relics of a history and time gone by. Found river wood has a previous life and a story to tell. I think this is why I am drawn to it. Although the wood I find has mostly been worked by man, nature has re claimed it and shaped it over time. So I am saving it and giving it back life and soul in the form of the human figure. Revealing the layers of history and life it once had.

I like to work with the timeless quality of the sculptures. They could have been carved in the Middle Ages by a long lost ancestors or pilgrims. I like them to take on a totemistic resonance. They seem to have a soul/life becoming an icon of humanity. This aspect fascinates me.

As individuals we have a great desire to project our own humanity and emotions onto the most primitive human form.

When working on groups of figures I have in mind the recent migrating and movement of people from troubled lands. The river where I find the elements is of course a great conduit for the movement of people and spreading of cultures. I would like to think that the sculptures and constructions resonate with this. With new elements arriving on the next high tide.

Roger Hardy
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