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I am inspired by the landscape of my native Suffolk; I paint local scenes (woodland, marsh and estuary), reinterpreting them through the use of emotive colour. The Suffolk landscape resonates with me and I translate my response into paintings which pulse with vitality and energy.

Aldeburgh beach is the setting for a number of recent paintings, whether recording family walks with our dogs or the daily battle fishermen have wrestling a living from the North Sea. I introduce objects I find on the beach, such as birds' skulls and wings, into my paintings as I find these symbolic of the cycle of life, death and renewal.

I sometimes employ a triptych format for my narrative paintings exploring the lives of fishermen both current and past, such as in the Peter Grimes series. Religious iconography (haloes, fish and ladders) also feature in my works, reflecting my absorbtion with the great mystery of life.

I am inspired to make sculpture using objects that I collect. The elements that interest me are often old tools that have a history and soul to them that suggest different forms and gives them life. I bring objects together to create unique pieces.

It helps my creativity to work in both paint and three dimensions.

Roger Hardy, Suffolk landscape painter
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